1. October 2008

My Name is Bruce (Movie Review)

My Name is Bruce - Poster

Plot Preview

Bruce Campbell (Bruce Campbell) is currently busy producing his newest movie, the terrific Cave Alien 2, when a young fanboy* asks for his help. He accidentally released an ancient Chinese daemon that now has set out to slaughter everyone who is related to the fanboy – coming from a small town this puts its whole population on the brink of a bloody death.

The passionate Bruce Campbell fan sees only one solution to this problem: Bruce himfels has to save the town utilizing his elite monster slaying powers which he aquired acting in various grand movies like Evil Dead. The True Fan faithfully overlooks the dramatic downfall which Bruce’s career has taken since his heydays. Neither is Fanboy irritated by the fact that his idol turns out to be the most arrogant asshole alive who couldn’t care less about his fans and annoyingly keeps hitting on fanboy’s mother (and pretty much any other female).

Thanks to some gentle persuasion involving a baseball bat and Bruce’s subsequent erroneous assumption that the whole story is just an elaborate birthday present from his manager (Ted Raimi), he agrees to pick up the fight against the daemon…


My Name is Bruce: Evil Chinese Demon Spirit

As one might guess from the plot description, My Name is Bruce is not exactly a movie that is meant to be taken seriously. It is a parody – primarily on Bruce Campbell himself, but also on the movies in which he acted.

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