A Massive List of Personal Core Values

We all live by values, consciously or not. Do you know your core values? If not, it pays to define them. Knowing your personal values enables you to make better decisions and leading a more satisfying life. After all, if you chose a path that goes against your values, it will not lead to happiness.

The most common strategy to define your core values is to go through a list of possible values and choose those that resonate with you. In a second step, you group those values into a few categories (5 or less). These categories are then given appropriate titles and some details and further on serve as your personal core values.

So where do you get such a personal values list to begin with? I have compiled three of such lists. Two core values lists are based on scientific research and the third one is a massive inspirational list with 569 core values. Enjoy!

> Personal Core Values List: 569 Scientific and Inspirational Examples

Missing a value? Let me know and I’ll happily add it to the list.

Also, as a side note: I am thinking about creating an app with which you can playfully go through this exhaustive core values list to find your own personal values. Is that something that interests you? Let me know and you can be among the very first users to give it a try.