Checkpanel – Continuous Checklists

Checkpanel screenshot

My new project, Checkpanel, went into public beta recently. Checkpanel is a checklist application which focuses on repeating checks. Unlike traditional checklists, Checkpanel keeps track of all reported checks (marking something as working or not working). You can see who when last checked a test case and what the errors were. You can also let some checks be executed automatically and set reminders for when you would like to check something again. And much more.

I imagined it primarily for use in quality assurance of web apps, for example when you frequently want to check if a recent change broke the contact form or had similar side effects. Of course you can also use it for anything else which needs to be checked frequently. Checkpanel can be used for test case management, regression testing, manual testing, smoke testing and much more. – go try it! 🙂 I’m happy about every beta tester.