My Dell UltraSharp 2709W (Review / Test)

System Requirements

Anyone who wants to use Dell’s UltraSharp 2709W (or any other monitor with such a high resolution) on a older computer should know that this resolution can put quite a strain on some systems. My laptop (1,6GHz Celeron, on-board vga card) can produce the full resolution, but is pretty much at its limit then. On my 226bw (1680×1050) I was able to watch videos in 720p resolution, but only just. On a 1920×1200 screen such videos are already jerking. I also can’t watch flash videos fluently in full screen on this monitor.

Having only a VGA connection is not a problem, though. Although there might be some minor noise, the image quality is still great.


The Dell UltraSharp 2709W rocks! 🙂 The monitor looks cool, provides a good image quality and is for this size and quality remarkably cheap. The minor disadvantages are overall neglectable.

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„While hardcore PC gamers might want to stay clear, and colour professionals may have
to wrestle a little with calibration to get the most out of it, the 2709W is likely to please
your average user to no end who wants a big screen with a decent resolution.”

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I realy liked your review, was wondering if you could give me some advice on this monitor, im looking at either buying the dell 2408 or 2709, the monitors are nearly equaly priced here is australia and a 27 inch sounds really tempting.

i am concerned about the brightness as you have claimed, i will be using the monitor for everyday use and also CAD use, is there a differnce in the brightness control between the two montiors, i also dont want to be getting a hedache from prolonged use on the 27 inch. is there any qaulity difference in regards to text sharpness on the 2709 compared to the 2408 ?

Thankyou in advance.


Hello Gerrie,

I’m sorry, but I cannot compare the UltraSharp 2709W with the 2408. I have never seen the latter one in real life. The 24″ Dell that I have used was a different model.

But I can tell you that I have been using the 2709W for quite some time now and I did not develop a chronic headache or something. 🙂 I always use the screen at its lowest brightness setting, which is a little too bright for darkened rooms, but not headache-bright. During daylight, the screen is dark enough.


Can you really not reduce the brightness of the monitior? that would seem quite a strange thing for the manufacturers to do.

It puts me off that monitor as I find very bright monitors do make my eyes tired much faster at night.

Thanks for the heads up I might go for the samsung instead now.

You can reduce the brightness, just not as much as with for example the Samsung monitor. The Samsung can get pretty dark, while the Dell UltraSharp 2709W just varies between blindingly bright and normal bright. 🙂

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