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For translations, I usually refer to the excellent online dictionary of LEO (German-English). Unfortunately, this is suboptimal when you are currently without internet connection. So I searched for a offline dictionary – and found it: LingoPad.

LingoPad is free (though not Open Source). It can display phonetic transcriptions for many words. Besides the obvious way of using it (entering words into the GUI) it can also translate words taken from other application using shortcuts or Alt+right mouse click.

There are just two downsides: To copy words from another application, these words need to be marked. It would be easier to just move the cursor into the word without having to mark it. It’s also a pitty that you have to manually choose which direction you want the words translated upon entering directly in the interface. LEO just takes any word and automatically figures out which language it is.

On the bright side, the supply of different dictionaries is impressive. Besides German?English there is this excessive list of available languages:

  • German? English
  • German ? English Specialist Dictionary for Wale and Delfine
  • German ? English Specialist Dictionary for metalworking
  • Norwegian ? German
  • Spanish? German
  • German ? Latin
  • German ? Khasi
  • Japanese ? German
  • Chinese ? German
  • Chinese ? Englisch
  • Esperanto ? German
  • Turkish ? German
  • Kurdish ? German
  • Italian ? German
  • Hungarian ? German
  • Portuguese ? German
  • English ? Arabic
  • Frensh ? German
  • Dutch ? German
  • Russian ? German
  • Thai ? German

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By the way, LingoPad used to be known as LingoDict and Lingo4u Dictionary before that (according to

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