Zen Station – Using the Player’s Pulse as Controller

Zen Station

Zen Station is a game focused on relaxation. The player who is chilled the most wins.

It is an installation on which two players can play a game. Goal of the game is to win by being as relaxed as possible. During the game, pulse and blood oxygen levels of the players are measured. The player who durably has the lowest pulse wins.

At the beginning of the game, a thin line is created on the center of the playing field. This "destroyer" slowly moves towards the player with the faster pulse. Additionally, each player frequently creates "virtual life forms" (which look more like landmines to me). If the destroyer touches such a life form, it is hurled back in the opposite direction.

The overall design of Zen Station is very cool. The effects are beautiful and also have nice sound effects.

By the way, Zen Station was created using vvvv – the same software which Erik and I used to create our interactive music video installation.

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(via Erik)