Untouchable: HIV positive photo camera

Untouchable: HIV-positive Kamera

Wayne Martin Belger (a.k.a. Boy of Blue Industries) creates pinhole cameras using various materials. His newest creation is a camera made of titanium, aluminium, copper, acryl and… HIV infected blood. It is called Untouchable.

The blood is pumped through small pipelines in front of the pinhole (where other cameras have a lens) and is used as a red filter. Wayne Belger constructed the camera to shoot a photo series about HIV positive people.

Personally, I consider it a little bit too crazy to use real HIV blood. The camera looks great, though. 🙂 All that titanium in combination with copper and tubing reminds me of steampunk.

Plain red color would have been sufficient, though…

» Untouchable (HIV)

According to several comments there is probably no virus left alive in the camera. HIV is said to be very unstable outside of the human body and these specimen are floating in a 80% solution of heparin and Sodium Chloride to keep the blood from congealing.

Still, Untouchable is pretty creepy…

(via Boing Boing)