Experiences Shooting with a “Red One”

A new camera is causing quite a stir in the market for digital cinema cameras. The Red One is a digital video camera with a 4k resolution (~12 megapixels) and a 35mm sensor. These specs are good enough for use in cinematography. It gets much attention because it is impudently cheap for a movie camera. You can get a Red One for about 20’000 Euros – a fraction of the cost of other cameras in this class.

The Red One is quite new, so it is yet hard to say how well it’ll work in practice.  The creators of the indie movie 3 Days Gone wrote an interesting report of first experiences with the camera and it’s digital workflow:

» Red Digital Workflow in Progress on Indie Films

Director, DOP and cutter report some trouble, but are overall enthralled by the Red One. Supposedly, many problems which they faced have now been solved through updated revisions of the Red One and its software.

Well, for now I can only dream of using such a camera on my video projects, but it is still interesting to read about it. 🙂

(via Extreeeme.Org)


Another report, a little older as it seems:

» First Look: Red One