Satanic Message for Computer Geeks

Satanic messages in music are usually found in form of passages which, played in reverse (and with much fantasy), result in subversive texts.

A satanic message for advanced satanic followers discovered Alberto Garcia: The band Urusei Yatsura placed an acoustically coded computer program at the beginning of one of their songs. Decoded and run with a computer it writes a satanic message on the screen. πŸ™‚

The technology is based on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, a home computer from 1981. It used ordinary audio cassettes as storage medium. The data was encoded in a surprisingly simple and robust way. Not much data fit on one tape and it took ages to load (about 5 minutes for 48 kilobytes), but the data survived a lot – like the usage at the beginning of a rock song.

So now at the beginning of the song β€œThank you” by Urusei Yatsura, there is a small basic program which can still be executed today using a ZX emulator. It then writes the following message in black type on red background:

Satanic Message

Lick His Cloven Hoof

One could call this the computer geek version of satanic backwards messages. πŸ™‚

Also nice is a comment which can be found inside the program:

What is sadder?
a. Finding this
b. Writing it

The original article has a larger picture and the program itself:

Β» Satanic messages in the computer era

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(This article is also available in German)