Photos of Weird Communist Monuments in Yugoslavia

3 Yugoslavian monuments

Jan Kempenaers created some really beautiful photographs. Especially striking are those of several monuments in Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, there isn’t much background information included on the photos, but according to Boing Boing they originate from the communist era.

To me, they have this wonderfully weird and freaky atmosphere. I would not have thought that someone would go through such effort to build strange things. The monument in the left photo, “Spomenik #1“, looks like it has been directly taken from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. 🙂

All these places seem to be abandoned and very remote. This makes the eerie atmosphere even more impressive.

Weird House in the Woods

Also cool, but probably not a monument is this building, which can be found in the same photo gallery. Why don’t people build more such beautiful structures? 🙂

» Jan Kempenaers @ Crown Gallery

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“Spomenik 1” (Monument 1) is work of Dusan Dzamonja, one of most famous Croatian (and former Yugoslav) sculptors. It’s located in Podgaric in Croatia, was built in 1966.

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