Subway to Sally – Bastard (Review)

Subway to Sally - Bastard

Subway to Sally have been one of my favourite bands for a long time now. Most people would call their style folk metal, but somehow this does not feel right for me. They are definitely using a lot of folk elements and also use several classical instruments (shalm, violin, bagpipe, mandolin and more). Their use of guitars is also very heavy – but I think metal is something else. 🙂

My personal favourite of Subway to Sally is their album Herzblut from 2001. Everything that followed was a downwards trend (from my perspective, there are probably also a lot of people who think otherwise). The bottom of this trend was Nord Nord Ost – the only album by Subway to Sally which I do not have.

Last year appeared Bastard, the album that finally started the upwards trend again.

Bastard’s style is closer to the earlier works of Subway to Sally. It also still includes some of the harder elements which were introduced since Engelskrieger. Especially the first track, “Meine Seele brennt” sounds as if taken from that album. Alongside, there more folk elements have found their way into Bastard (although it is still no folk metal! *g*).

My favorite track is „Die Trommel“. A song which has as much energy like Veitztanz from Herzblut. It makes it hard to keep still. 🙂 Especially the first build-up after the hard entry is great. Here is a short sample from

Still, Bastard is not on the same level with earlier masterpieces like Herzblut. Many songs appear a little too simple – concerning music and/or lyrics.


You can listen to samples of Bastard at or Amazon.

Tracks on Bastard

  1. Meine Seele Brennt – 4:20
  2. Puppenspieler – 3:53
  3. Auf Kiel – 4:06
  4. Umbra – 3:58
  5. Voodoo – 3:58
  6. Wehe Stunde – 3:52
  7. Die Trommel – 3:53
  8. Unentdecktes Land – 3:08
  9. Hohelied – 3:20
  10. Canticum Satanae – 0:46
  11. Tanz auf dem Vulkan – 3:13
  12. Fatum – 3:21
  13. In der Stille – 4:39

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