Well Done – Baking an Annual Report

Well Done - Der Geschäftsbericht zum Backen

The Croatian agency Bruketa & Zini? designed an annual report for the food company Podravka which needs to be baked before one can enjoy it.

The report consists of two parts: One large book with all the important numbers and, embedded inside it, one smaller booklet “the very heart of Podravka as a brand: great Podravka’s recipes “. The latter one is printed with special ink which is invisible until you bake it. You need to wrap the booklet in aluminium foil and put it into the oven for 25 minutes at 100°C.

The annual report carries the confident name “Well Done” which has a nice ambiguity in this case. ^_^

I really like this idea. I’m only wondering if this huge effort should be better placed something else. I always though annual reports would rather be a legal requirement and not a means of advertising. Does anyone of you know more about this?

» Well Done: a food company annual report that has to be cooked first

(via Kreativrauschen.de via Boing Boing via Kottke)