wiiwiiwiiwii – Using the Wiimote as Drum Kit or Piano


It’s always great to see when people take things and give them a new meaning. This time: The controller of Nintendo’s new console Wii (“Wii Remote” a.k.a. “Wiimote” with the extension “Nunchuk” – what great names) as a musical instrument including visualization.

In different modes, Wiimote and Nunchuk can be used to play drums or piano (or probably any other midi instrument). There are several videos showing the system in action at the project website.

» wiiwiiwiiwii

The system is based on a Mac running Max/MSP and Reason to generate the sounds, linked to a PC running vvvv (the toolkit in which we created our interactive music video installation) to render the 3d visualizations.

wiiwiiwiiwii seems to be the thesis of Claudio Midolo, Edgar Castellanos, Natan Sinigaglia and Pedro Mari. Unfortunately, the website does not provide much information about the thesis itself.

(via Erik via Kreativrauschen.de)