Tesla Coil Music – A Rather Dangerous Musical Instrument

Whoever considered the dot matrix printer a strange musical instrument, take a look at this tesla coil:

According to the description, the sounds really do come from the high voltage sparks which are created by the coil. This also makes the sounds incredibly loud. I’d say this makes this musical instrument the most dangerous one that is currently known to me. On the bright side: It comes with integrated visualization. ^_^

More details about the technology behind this coil shows the following video by The Geek Group. Also note the E-Bass which is connected to the coil towards the end of the video.

And now, to make the geek factor perfect, listen to the Super Mario theme, played on two tesla coils *g*:

So, who knows a weirder or more dangerous instrument? 🙂

(via kreativrauschen.de via fefe)

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Certainly a more dangerous instrument would be a nuclear bomb, but unfortunately it can only play percussion.

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