12. September 2007

Inversion – A House Installation


In 2005, the american sculptors Dan Havel and Dean Ruck built some kind of vortex into two houses. They called the resulting artwork, which lead like a tunnel through the house, “Inversion”.

Unfortunately, this weird construction had only a very short life span. The two houses were scheduled for destruction just a few months later – and most likely, the schedule was kept.

» original press release
» more pictures
» even more pictures

(via Kreativrauschen via pasQualle via Wooster Collective via designverb via hemmy)

Update 19.7.2008

Dan Havel pointed to a short video documentary about Inversion. It includes moments from the construction, interviews with Dan Havel and Dean ruck and also the final destruction of the installation.

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  1. I am one of the artists who created “Inversion”, pictured on your blog site in July 2007.
    I would like to invite you and your blog audience to watch a short documentary film about the “Inversion” project created by Houston artist and filmmaker,
    Mark Larsen
    Go to:

    Also watch other videos in the Artery archive. They are very entertaining.

    Pass this link onto other interested parties……DH

    Comment by DD Demo — 11. July 2008 @ 18:39

  2. Thanks a lot Dan. I’ve added the link to the article.

    Comment by Flo — 19. July 2008 @ 15:35

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