6. August 2006

iRATE « Discovering Music That You Love (5/6)


Gnoosic, Last.fm and Pandora work with a wide spectrum of music, including that controlled by the music industry. iRATE, on the contrary, has a different philosophy. It only plays free music.

Similar to Last.fm, it uses a player application which you have to install on your computer. This player downloads music which is freely availably from all over the internet. You can rate each track it plays on a scale from one to four stars – or just ban it.

Based on these ratings, iRATE decides which songs it is going to play more often, and which ones will be downloaded next. Like Last.fm and Pandora it therefore becomes better over time.

The source of the music is boon and bane at once. iRATE is the only system which moves completely outside of the commercial music market. All music is free and usually from unknown musicians. You can often hear that the music was not produced at a professional recording studio. Some songs are poorly mixed… or even poorly written. But iRATE also contains rare gems which are hard to find anywhere else. The popularity of the songs is not distorted by marketing campaigns. Your chances to find something truly new are higher than anywhere else.

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