Deine Lakaien – Acoustic (music review)

A good pianist and a good singer – that’s all you need to make really good music.

Such a outstanding pianist (Ernst Horn) and a singer with a wonderful deep voice (Alexander) are “Deine Lakaien”. Usually, their music has a strong electronic touch, but there also is an unplugged album called “Acoustic”. No matter if electronic or acoustic, the music of Deine Lakaien is always unusual and dark.

Still, “Acoustic” is particularly impressive. Alexander Veljanov’s melancholic voice is only accompanied on Ernst Horn’s modified piano. Objects clamped between or glass on the strings get some unaccustomed tones out of this so classic instrument.

For test-listening, I recommend “Lonely” or “Don’t Wake Me Up”. Samples can be found for example at Indigo.

“Acoustic” was created more than 10 years ago (Deine Lakeien exist since 1985), but fortunately the music is so timeless that it still is one of my favourite records.

Links for Deine Lakaien

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Lyrics for “Acoustic”

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