7. November 2007

Last.fm MoneyCalc – How Valuable is Your Music Collection?

Last.fm MoneyCalc

Yet another toy for Last.fm: MoneyCalc.

Using data from Last.fm and Amazon, MoneyCalc tries to figure out how much it would cost to buy the top 50 records of your Last.fm profile. For each record the price at Amazon is queried. The result is presented in a list which shows each single price as well as the final sum.

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4. November 2007

wiiwiiwiiwii – Using the Wiimote as Drum Kit or Piano


It’s always great to see when people take things and give them a new meaning. This time: The controller of Nintendo’s new console Wii (“Wii Remote” a.k.a. “Wiimote” with the extension “Nunchuk” – what great names) as a musical instrument including visualization.

In different modes, Wiimote and Nunchuk can be used to play drums or piano (or probably any other midi instrument). There are several videos showing the system in action at the project website.

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The system is based on a Mac running Max/MSP and Reason to generate the sounds, linked to a PC running vvvv (the toolkit in which we created our interactive music video installation) to render the 3d visualizations.

wiiwiiwiiwii seems to be the thesis of Claudio Midolo, Edgar Castellanos, Natan Sinigaglia and Pedro Mari. Unfortunately, the website does not provide much information about the thesis itself.

(via Erik via Kreativrauschen.de)

Keywords: instrumentmusicvvvvWiiWiimote

Mutating Pictures – An Experiment in Evolutionary Art

Mutating Pictures

Mutating Pictures started with 1000 pictures, consisting of randomly spread triangles of different sizes. Every visitor can rate how much the picture resembles a face. The system then generates “offspring” of the highest rated pictures. The goal is to get evolutionary created pictures of faces somewhen.

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Keywords: evolutionexperimentimages

3. November 2007

ARQuake – Merging Game and Reality

Spieler in Montur für ARQuake

This project should be fuel to the thoughts of paranoid people who think that violent games like Quake turn players into bloodthirsty homicidal maniacs which can’t differentiate between game and reality anymore: ARQuake tries to merge Quake’s virtual world with the reality.

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Keywords: gamesQuakerealityweird

31. October 2007

Personal Orchestra – Conducting for Dummies

Personal Orchestra

The Personal Orchestra is an installation which allows everyone to slip into the role of the conductor of the famous Vienna Philharmonic.

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Keywords: installationmusic

29. October 2007

Bangarama – Using Headbanging as Musical Instrument

Illustration from an article about Bangarama

“Headbanging” describes a way in that rock music enthusiasts consume music not only passively, but strive to gain a more intense musical experience through rhythm-abiding nodding and shaking of their heads.
(Laszlo Bardos, translated by me)

If headbanging is such an established instrument for enhanced musical experience, why not use it to create music in the first place?1

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Keywords: headbanginginteractivemusic

28. October 2007

Tesla Coil Music – A Rather Dangerous Musical Instrument

Whoever considered the dot matrix printer a strange musical instrument, take a look at this tesla coil:

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Keywords: instrumentmusicTeslateslacoilweird

27. October 2007

Tutorial for Creative Painting

Guide to Creative Paining

I recently stumbled upon an interesting article about painting. It shows a nice little method to create “freestyle” paintings. This is the short version:

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Keywords: artpaintingtutorial

25. October 2007

Stuttgart, under the “subway” stop Mercedesstraße

Graffiti in Concrete Jungle

A landscape of concrete and graffiti under the stop Mercedesstraße of the daylight subway in Stuttgart. It is right next to the “Cannstatter Wasen” which is Stuttgart’s Oktoberfest and should be avoided at those times…

Nonetheless, I like the atmosphere of that place.

Keywords: concretegraffitiphotophotographystuttgart

24. October 2007

27 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

A blogger created a beautiful list of 27 totally absurd conspiracy theories. Obviously, these theories are pointless, but quite fun to read. :)

These are my favorites:

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Keywords: conspiracyweird

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