19. April 2008

Satanic Message for Computer Geeks

Satanic messages in music are usually found in form of passages which, played in reverse (and with much fantasy), result in subversive texts.

A satanic message for advanced satanic followers discovered Alberto Garcia: The band Urusei Yatsura placed an acoustically coded computer program at the beginning of one of their songs. Decoded and run with a computer it writes a satanic message on the screen. :)

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18. April 2008

Textile Tentacle Arms

Tentacle Arm

Did you ever feel inferior to the almighty tentacle monsters of the world? Fortunately, you can now mail-order your very own tentacle arms for only 15 bucks each. :)

While we’ve been using our primitive, apelike arms like a bunch of jerks, the squids of the world have been clutching their prey with their superior tentacles and laughing at us. Until now! For the first time, you can have tentacles of your very own. Equipped with suction cups and plenty of creepy greenness.

Now that is a cheap bargain for an impressive evolutionary advatage. :)

» Tentacle Arm @ Gaia Online Store

(via Boing Boing)

More Tentacles

Tentacle chandeliers

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30. March 2008

Czech Art Group Faces Charges After Staged Nuclear Explosion

On June 17, the Czech art group Ztohoven hacked into a weather channel showing panorama views. Into the peaceful panorama of a mountain view, they inserted a pretty realistic nuclear explosion:

Ztohoven see their hack as a comment on media credibility:

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Rotting School Books in a Warehouse in Detroit

Rotting School Books

Deserted and slowly disintegrating buildings are always an interesting subject for photography (see also Urban Remains) . “Sweet Juniper” found an especially interesting ruin in Detroit: A decommissioned warehouse filled with rotting school books from the 80ies.

One can still see the remains of the shelves which once held the books. Now, only the iron stands are left and the books are scattered over the floor.

Seemingly, the books and the building fell victim to a fire in the upper floors ages ago. Everything which did not immediately burn was damaged by the fire fighter’s water beyond rescue. The whole building was given up.

» The photos at Flickr
» Accompanying article

(via Boing Boing)

(This article is also available in German)

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26. March 2008

My Samsung SyncMaster 226bw (Test / Review)

 The Samsung SyncMaster 226bw at my desktop

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I have finally got a new monitor! After sending back my Samsung SyncMaster 245b because it was too noisy, I now got a Samsung SyncMaster 226bw.

First of all a few facts:

Screen size: 22“
Connections: VGA and DVI
Speakers: No
USB-Hub: No
Resolution: 1.680 x 1.050

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5. March 2008

Living the Story – Interactive Linear Dramaturgy

Soon, I will have to write my master thesis. I’m still not absolutely sure if I should follow the chosen topic, so I’m posting the synopsis of my idea here to get some feedback.

For example: Is the title too lurid? ^_^

Update: I chose to work on this topic, but I focused it on the dramaturgy part. I did not think that building the formerly proposed installation would be possible in this timeframe.

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28. February 2008

Social News On-Demand (SNOD) – WordPress Plugin

I finally wrote my first WordPress plugin: Social News On-Demand (or just SNOD). It displays buttons of social news sites only for visitors who come from those sites.

What’s it doing exactly?

Most if not all social news services like Digg or Reddit offer cute little JavaScript buttons which site owners can include on their own pages. Using those buttons, users can vote for an article directly on this article’s page.

This is a cool feature in theory, but not everyone is using those services. If you include such buttons on your site, you will most likely unnecessarily bug a lot of innocent visitors with them. That’s why I rarely used such buttons on my sites.

SNOD is a plugin which includes these buttons only for users who come from a social news site. If someone comes via Digg to an article, he/she will see a Digg button. If someone comes from Propeller, there will be a Propeller button, etc…

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26. February 2008

Dexter – The Show About The Likeable Serial Killer



Dexter is a serial killer. And Dexter is working for the police. Not as a killer, of course, but as an expert for blood patterns. He knows blood like nobody else. In his spare time he continues hunting Bad People[tm] – but unlike during his official work, the hunt usually does not end with an arrest, but with a ritual murder.


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10. February 2008

Your Chances of Survival in a Zombie Attack

You probably studied the instructions for surviving a zombie attack in detail. Maybe you even trained a little with a zombie simulator. Now it is time to put your knowledge to the test.

Fortunately, there is a sophisticated (*cough*) test for everything on the internet. Of course, there is also one for the question “What are your chances of surviving a zombie attack?”. Once you have passed this examination, you will receive a pretty certificate with which you can boast about your leet zombie skillz:

I have a 32% chance to survive a zombie attack.

Hey, I think a 32% chance of survival is not that bad for a zombie attack! :)

(The original version of this certificate is even larger. There is also a small button-sized version.)

» What Are Your Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?

(via Kreativrauschen.de)

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5. February 2008

Photos of Weird Communist Monuments in Yugoslavia

3 Yugoslavian monuments

Jan Kempenaers created some really beautiful photographs. Especially striking are those of several monuments in Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, there isn’t much background information included on the photos, but according to Boing Boing they originate from the communist era.

To me, they have this wonderfully weird and freaky atmosphere. I would not have thought that someone would go through such effort to build strange things. The monument in the left photo, “Spomenik #1“, looks like it has been directly taken from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. :)

All these places seem to be abandoned and very remote. This makes the eerie atmosphere even more impressive.

Weird House in the Woods

Also cool, but probably not a monument is this building, which can be found in the same photo gallery. Why don’t people build more such beautiful structures? :)

» Jan Kempenaers @ Crown Gallery

(This article is also available in German)

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