7. March 2007

Robot equipped with coilgun and flame thrower

Robot with lasersighted coilgun and flame thrower

Some people use toy robots to play. Others equip them with flame throwers and coilguns.

Over at Evosapien, Marcus describes various ways to evolve an roboter called Robosapien V2. One tutorial shows how to equip the robot with a flame thrower. In another article, he arms his Robosapien with a laser sighted coilgun. There are also some nice videos of his “weapon” in action…

I like this kind of constructive creativity. ^_^


While this modification is fun to watch, better don’t make it yourself. It involves several potentially very hazardous techniques. Or, as Marcus puts it:

Just remember that I did warn you! So now if you blow off a hand or burn your house down you can’t blame me!

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6. March 2007

xRez – Gigapixel panoramas

Most of you probably heard of the Gigapxl Project. They produce digital images with a stunning resolution of several thousand Megapixels. The Gigapxl Project uses custom-built large format cameras, a technique quite unavailable for most people.


xRez, on the other hand, specialized on producing gigapixel images without special equipment. Instead of taking one gigantic image, they shoot hundreds of pictures with cameras, no different than those that are used in photo journalism. Then, they stitch those hundreds of shots together to get a gigapixel picture.

At their website, there is a nice gallery of some panoramas they have produced. Interestingly, those panoramas are shown as a Google Maps application, so you can pan and zoom as you like. Fun.

xRez also uses their high resolution footage to create special effects. There are several demo videos available.

(via Photoshop-Weblog)

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5. March 2007

US copying laptop hard disks upon entry (including passwords)

According to Fefe, a German blogger, U.S. officials copy hard disks of laptops upon entry. They even insist on the disclosure of passwords so they can decrypt files. Allegedly they even take people into coercive detention to retrieve the passwords.

Fefe’s sources are one member of the (German) Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and one employee of SAP. He also claims to have received confirmation for this from “two other large companies”.

Scary thing… and one more reason to delete the U.S.A from the list of potential travel destinations.

Keywords: laptopsprivacyUSA

Switzerland invades Liechtenstein

Swiss infantry soldiers invaded Liechtenstein.

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4. March 2007


I am about to make a major update to the software of this blog. I hope everything works out smoothly… but I’m not sure. :)

So be prepared for outages, strange effects or reappearing postings in the feeds…


Everything should be working as usual again… please tell me if you still notice anything odd.

24. February 2007

Muslims are less supportive of terror than Americans

Those who think that Muslim countries and pro-terrorist attitudes go hand-in-hand might be shocked by new polling research: Americans are more approving of terrorist attacks against civilians than any major Muslim country except for Nigeria.

The cited article (“The myth of Muslim support for terror“) points out that this result does not mean that Americans are “closet terrorist sympathizers”. It rather shows that the common stereotype of the terror supporting Muslim is void.

Be careful of stereotypes… they do more harm than good.

Indeed, the far-too-frequent stereotyping of Muslims serves only to reinforce the radical appeal of the small minority of Muslims who peddle hatred of the West and others as authentic religious practice.

(via Fefe)

Keywords: IslamprejudicesstereotypesterrorUSA

4. February 2007

Graphical Multiplication

Most people aren’t that fond of mental arithmetic. There are ways though, how arithmetic can be more interesting. One of those is graphical multiplication:

Easy Graphical Multiplication Trick – video powered by Metacafe

According to the author of this video, the trick isn’t suited to speed up calculations – it’s merely about motivation.

It’s not a way to make mental multiplications easier, it’s just a fuuny way to resolve graphically a multiplication. It’s only meant to be a little trick to show to friends and kids who hate maths. It’s NOT meant to be efficient as some seems to think. You can do any kind of multiplication with it but yes it’s boring to draw numbers like 8 or 9.

Also interesting is the source of the trick:

My girlfriend learned it from some math teacher during her school years in china. He wanted to make kids interesed in maths and it worked.



» This article in German
» Discussion at Metacafe

7. November 2006

Users of digital TV watch less TV

A new study claims that users who utilize digital technology for watching TV actually end up watching less.

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Keywords: digitalsciencestudysurveytelevisionTVusage

3. October 2006

Experimental Documentary: “Stuttgart in Ton”

Stuttgart in Ton

I uploaded a new video project: Stuttgart in Ton (length: 4min).

Stuttgart in Ton is an audiovisual portrait of Stuttgart’s acoustics. Following the course of a day, the documentary shows the four themes traffic, work, recreation and night. Visual and auditive impressions get interwoven to become the rhythm of the city.

It does not contain any text, just sound. In contrast to most of my other productions, there is no language barrier and you can enjoy it without knowing German. :)

» Description and Download

Let me know what you think!

25. September 2006

No-Budget Movie Making in a Train

Zeiträume Opening Screen

Our last short movie, Zeiträume (German only… sorry), was shot to large parts in a train. As you can imagine, one can choose easier locations to shoot a movie.

For those of you, who plan a similar endeavor (and everyone else interested), I want to describe what we did to get Zeiträume shot.

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