23. April 2007

Worlds between Books and Movies: Visual Novels

Screenshot of Ever17

Visual Novels are a kind of story which is primarily common in Japan. Unlike usual novels, they are enhanced by graphics and sound. Being an electronic medium, they can only be read on computers or other interactive multimedial devices.

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20. April 2007

Saving the Climate by storing CO2

Roter Baum

The public discussion about the change of climate is quite active. Usually, the central question is how we can reduce the CO2 output. Another question is mentioned rather seldomly: Can’t already emitted CO2 just be stored away so that it can’t do any harm to the climate?

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3. April 2007

Floating MP3-Player: Music for your bath tub


JVC Japan presented an MP3-Player which floats in water. The JVC XA-AW33 (shiny name…) is waterproof and equiped with circular LED lighting for visualization effects. The manufacturer even claims that the music creates ripples in the water while playing music.

Unfortunately, the floating player can only load 256MB of music and plays music in mono. However, it’s cool! :)

Now if it was available in Europe and didn’t cost 125 Euro (~165 USD)….

(via Golem.de)

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21. March 2007

Never oversleep your alarm clock again

When people oversleep, there is one popular cause: They turn off their alarm clock and doze off again. Since the invention of the snooze button, many people also tend to keep snoozing for hours. :)

To escape this fate, I usually place a second alarm clock at the other end of my room. That forces me to get up and silence it. But there’s also a more geeky way to be forced to leave your bed: Clocky┬«.

Clocky - Der fiese Wecker

This evil alarm clock doesn’t just sit still when it beeps. If you ignore it, it runs away. You can even place it on your nightstand so that it falls off and maybe crawls under your bed – followed by you, half asleep and half swearing.

The price of Clocky is unknown to me. I think I’ll stick to my cheap but also cruel solution with the alarm clock on the other end of the room… :)

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13. March 2007

Strandbeest – wind powered “artificial life-form”

Strandbeest - Wind powered artificial life

Theao Jansen builds artificial creatures, which can move with the wind. He calls his creation “Strandbeest“.

Those beests combine an artistic beauty with technological fascination. Despite their size and complex structure, they move with such ease that they appear kinda surreal. Don’t miss the videos on the Sandbeest site.

The newest specimen of Sandbeests can even be used as a means of transportation. Animaris Rhinoceros Transport is 4,70m high and includes a cabin for human passengers. Unfortunately, you have to wait for strong wind to blow in the right direction to travel in this monster…

Also nice is the artist’s attitude towards his creation. He calls the Sandbeests a new life-form.

Eventualy he wants to put these animals out in herds on the beaches, so they will live their own lives.

(via TED blog)

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How mainstream are you? – The Last.fm-Mainstream-O-Meter

Last.fm Logo

You are 17.35 % Mainstream!

Crap! Looks like I am less alternative than I thought. :)

With the Last.fm-Mainstream-O-Meter, users of Last.fm (see “Discovering Music that You Like“) can see, how much their listening habits overlap with the evil mainstream. You only have to enter your Last.fm username and the webservice calculates – somehow – your mainstream factor in percent.

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12. March 2007

Zombie Simulator: Zombie Infection Simulation

Zombie Infection Simulation

You never know when the next zombie epidemic will spread, so better be prepared. The first step – besides watching the obligatory documentaries – is to study the tactics of the enemy.

Zombie Infection Simulation enables you to watch the undead doing their evil deed without putting yourself in danger. Probably based on extensive scientific research, this handy java applet simulates how a handful of zombies infects a human population.

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7. March 2007

Plantimals – Merging plants and animals


Creating hybrids between plants and animal was the task of a contest at Worth1000.com.

Of course, the contestants were not supposed to interbreed real animals and plants, but to create deluding images with the help of modern image processing software like Photoshop.

The results are beautifully weird, although not all of them are as cruel as the sample image. :)

Keywords: animalscontesteditinghybridPhotoshopplantspostproductionweird

Your brain as a game controller

Headset of Project Epoc

Once again, science attemts to step forward to fiction. Emotiv Systems wants to create a headset, which lets you control games with your thoughts and emotions.

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Steampunk keyboard

Steampunk is a genre of speculative fiction which mixes steam engine technology with science fiction. A very (in)famous example of this style is the hollywood movie Wild Wild West. The style is still very popular, and some people spend their free time creating working steampunk gadgets.

Steampunk keyboard

This keyboard is one specimen of modern technology with a steampunk look. It is based on an IBM Model M “Clicky” keyboard, manufactured in 1989. The linked site has many details on the production of this cool keyboard modification. There’s also a movie to prove that it is actually a working model.

Too bad that you can’t buy those things in a shop…

(via Basic Thinking)

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