6. June 2007

Earmaster Pro 5: E-Learning Software for Ear Training

Screenshot: Earmaster Pro 5

Earmaster Pro is an e-learning program for musical ear training. It is supposed to help you perceive intervals, accords and rhythms more accurately.

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Space Night – Alpha Centauri

There once was a time when I would stay up deep into the night just to watch “Space Night”, a show featuring endless video footage of the earth recorded by astronauts during their flights.

While this alone – despite being interesting – wouldn’t be enough to keep me up for so long regularly, there was something else which did the trick. Sometimes – I didn’t know exactly when – there were short documentarys in the program. The topics differed. Once, it was about the russian cosmonaut training center, another time about the “tunnel effect”. Each and every episode was very interesting.

Later, when I wasn’t watching regularly anymore, they added a new show, called “Alpha Centauri“. Basically, it was just a professor holding a lecture for the camera. These lectures were great though. He managed to explain the most complex astrophysical topics so easily that everybody could follow him.

Now, years later, I discovered the Alpha Centauri web-archive of all episodes. It just made *swoosh* and I became addicted again. So for everyone who understand German (sorry, no translation available), take a look at it. You won’t regret it.

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1. June 2007

Jamming on the Internet: eJamming AUDiiO

eJamming AUDiiO

The Internet opened many new beautiful ways of communication, many of them even in real time. Unfortunately, Internet connections have always had a latency that has been too high to allow musicians to play across the globe. The small delays which appear on every net connection are a massive problem for musical applications.

Now, another project takes the challenge to create a global rehearsal room. eJamming AUDiiO claims to have overcome the latency with smart algorithms.

I did not test this software myself, but I do not believe that they have really overcome the delays. I have yet to see an Internet connection which has a latency low enough to jam together. Online gamers probably know the difficulty of Internet latency. I guess this basic latency is still present even with eJamming AUDiiO, but they probably try to make it not matter anymore.

Digging around on their website shows that my guess is not completely unfounded:

You MUST hear your own music with the slight delay eJamming AUDiiO imposes on everybody’s music to keep you all in sync.

So basically, the software delays everything, even your own sound, to keep all players in sync. This is probably a little difficult to get used to, but seems like a promising approach.

Currently, eJamming AUDiiO is still in a beta phase and free of charge. It is expected to cost about 10-15 Euros per month when it finally launches, probably in July.

» eJamming AUDiiO

(via Gitarreninstitut Kassel via Kreativrauschen)

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26. May 2007

Ego Shooters with Real Pain: Trakonya Mutator

Trakonya Mutator

While politicians ins Germany are still arguing whether they should ban ego shooters all together, smart tinkerers created a painful gadget for Unreal: The Trakonya Mutator. It delivers an electric shock to the player when he takes damage in the game.

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25. May 2007

The Chances of Becoming a Movie Director

Many cineasts are dreaming of becoming a director. Few follow their dream and even less succeed. That makes one wonder: What are the chances of actually succeeding in this business?

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13. May 2007

CO2 Emissions of Nuclear Energy Generation

Nuclear Energy

The discussion about the benefit of nuclear power for the global climate is kinda broken on both sides. Supporters keep claiming that nuclear power is “free of CO2”. The other side brings up claims like “nuclear power has a higher CO2 output than coal powered plants”. Both arguments are nonsense.

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(This article is also available in German)

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12. May 2007

Dave: The Interactive Music Video Installation


Last semester, Erik and myself created an interactive music video installation called “Dave“. It was the – so far – most intense project I have done. Well, it was worth it. :) We created the first installation of this kind that I know of.

The recipient, surrounded by displays, can alter the course of the video by interacting with three pillars. Interaction does not only change the video, but also the music. Nonetheless, the music preserves its character, because all possible variations are preproduced.

We created a little webpage with details about dave. There are pictures and videos which hopefully give an impression about the installation:

» Dave: The Interactive Music Video Installation «

There’s also a German version of the same pages.

Too bad that it existed only for one day. It’s hard to describe the feeling when you were actually standing within it. Videos can’t really show that. *sigh*

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6. May 2007

Photoshop Tutorial: Painting Textures for 3D-Models

Painting Hard Surface Textures

In the world of computer generated imagery, textures are… kinda important. :) Painting good texture is an art by itself.

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City liberated of advertisements: São Paulo

Empty Billboard

Advertising is more and more becoming an integrated part of our urban landscape. There’s almost no public place left without billboards or similar things. Some places even have a advertising overkill – a visual flood of billboards, flashing neon ads and more.

São Paulo decided to make a rather drastic step to change this: Since 1. January 2007, all outdoor advertisement is prohibited.

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30. April 2007

Factors that influence Your search engine ranking

How Google & Co. rank their search results is generally considered a mystery. For search engines, this is one of their most precious secrets. A whole industry called search engine optimization (SEO) emerged around this secret. SEOs try to look behind the secret and optimize web sites to the factors which they think influence the rating.

Rumors around the factors and their influence are quite unclear. A good guide through all those factors is “Search Engine Ranking Factors v2” from SEOmoz. It includes the opinions of 37 SEOs which are compiled to a collective and weighted ranking factor hit list.

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